Death Valley, California

Rock Collecting Localities by Type

Hard Rocks

Staurolite near Cleator (AZ)
Banded Iron Formation near Cleator (AZ)
Muscovite near Cleator (AZ)
Garnetite near Crown King (AZ)
Kyanite in the Phoenix Mountains (AZ)
Black Mountain Garnetite (CA)
East Ord Mountains Orbicular Rhyolite (CA)
West Ord Mountains Mylonite (CA)
Palms-to-Pines Sphene (CA)
Dish Hill Peridotite (CA)
Metamorphic Minerals along Northwest Branch (MD)
Vapor-Phase Minerals near Grants, New Mexico (NM)
Crazy Aluminous Rocks near Quartzsite (AZ)
New Method Mine (CA)
Lower Crustal Xenoliths in the Camp Creek Latite (AZ)
Cubic Pyrite at the Springfield Group Near Crown King (AZ)
Pyrite in the Quartzville District (OR)
Sillimanite Schist in the McDowell Mountains (AZ)
Bladed Hematite at the Big Bertha Extension Mine (AZ)
Hewitt Canyon (AZ)
Beryl and Amazonite near Lone Pine (CA)
Pacoima Canyon Pegmatite (CA)
Hualalai Xenoliths (HI)
Pu'u Wa'awa'a Pumice and Obsidian (HI)

Soft Rocks

Plant Fossils near Davis (WV)
Plant Fossils along the Highlands Scenic Highway (WV)
Dolly Sods Coal Seam Behind a Waterfall (WV)
Hueston Woods Fossils (OH)
Trilobites in the House Range (UT)
Trammel Fossil Park (OH)
Pyrite Nodules at Copperas Mountain (OH)

Calc-Silicate Skarns

Sierra Estrella Calc-Silicate Minerals and Pegmatites (AZ)
Metamorphosed Fossils near Piper Springs (AZ)
The Tungsten Hills (CA)
Lytle Creek Endoskarn and Exoskarn (CA)
Calc-Silicate Skarn in the Pine Forest Range (NV)
Big Pine Skarn (CA)
Cascade Canyon (CA)
Skarn Minerals in the Wallowa Mountains (OR)

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