The Tungsten Hills, California


37° 21' 24" N 118° 31' 45" W (WGS84) (Google Maps)

Land Status:

Bureau of Land Management


The calc-silicate skarns in the Tungsten Hills are phenomenal. There are several old mines in this area, which are all on BLM land and ripe for exploration. The material at the Tungsten Blue Mine is particularly excellent. Fantastic grossular-andradite solid-solution garnets are everywhere and are often found with quartz and diopside. Scheelite occurs within the tactite and can be found with a black light.


Tungsten deposits in the Tungsten Hills, Inyo County, California (USGS Bulletin 922-Q)

Geology and Tungsten Mineralization of the Bishop District, California (USGS Professional Paper 470)

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