Kyanite in the Phoenix Mountains, Arizona


33° 32.684' N 112° 1.197' W 1941' (WGS84) (Google Maps)
33° 32.671' N 112° 1.175' W 1941' (WGS84) (Google Maps)

Land Status:

Phoenix Mountains Preserve


The Phoenix Mountains are composed of Proterozoic metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks. At this locality, one can see important indicators of this metamorphic history in the form of silver, radiating kyanite crystals. Apparently, someone tried to mine the kyanite in this area for aluminum at some point (see the mindat entry on the Seal Rock Group). Though not visible on the southeast side of Squaw/Piestewa Peak, there was also notable mercury mineralization in the Phoenix Mountains. Cinnabar was mined in the Dreamy Draw area (hence the name).

Since rock collecting is not allowed in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, this is technically a look-only locality. Also, this outcrop is off trail, so be careful in choosing your path in order to avoid areas that have been designated closed for recovery.


Geologic map of the Phoenix Mountains, Central Arizona (Arizona Geological Survey)

A Review of Mercury Mining in the Phoenix Mountains, Maricopa County (Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources)

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