Red Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Geological & Geophysical Consulting Services

As a practicing geologist and geophysicist, I offer a range of consulting services to individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. Two examples of the types of services that I provide are discussed below. For questions regarding consulting services, please contact me at

Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona

Geological Review and Summary

Every place on the Earth has a unique geologic story that stretches back millions to billions of years. Even the most seemingly mundane settings hold rich histories of times when the Earth looked drastically different. While peering back millions to billions of years can be a mind-bending experience due to the unfathomable magnitude of the time scales involved, the view nevertheless sparks the imagination of the incredible ways in which our planet has evolved over millennia. As a student of North American geology, I've learned much about the geologic history of the continental United States, both through my research and through my travels. While most of the writings on this website focus on Arizona geology, my expertise extends to much of the continental United States.

There are many situations in business in which it is valuable to have some kind of understanding of the geologic history and setting of some location. One of the main services that I provide is crafting geologic overviews, reviews, and summaries of a given region of interest. The resulting product can be as simple as a general regional geologic overview, or it can involve detailed geologic map compilation and a deep search through regional or local geologic literature.

Such geological reviews or summaries are particularly useful in ecotourism and other location-based industries that rely on their natural setting. For example, I have worked with the owners of the Changing Sky Retreat to provide a regional geologic overview of their property. My services added value to their operation by elucidating the natural history of their surroundings to their visitors.

Chinle Formation, Arizona

Geophysical Data Processing and Interpretation

Through my academic work, my own research projects, and my independent consulting, I have gained a wealth of experience in working with geophysical data. While the majority of my current work involves electromagnetic geophysical datasets, I also have significant experience with other types of data, such as gravity, magnetics, and seismics. I therefore offer a range of services involving geophysical data processing, analysis, inversion, and interpretation.

To inquire about consulting services, please contact me directly at

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