Superstition Mountains, Arizona

Western History

Maps of Arizona and New Mexico Terrorities over time.

Map of current country and state boundaries in the southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico. Useful reference when considering historical geography, especially in the context of the notes below.

Annotated Chapters 1-4, with accompanying maps, of Across America and Asia by Raphael Pumpelly. An interesting personal account of life in southern Arizona immediately before the Civil War.

Notes and maps to accompany On the Border With Crook, by John G. Bourke.

Arizona Highways, February 1959. Includes A Trip to Skeleton Cave, by Daniel Joseph Bangs and Donald Bangs. Interesting article about geographic location of the Battle of Salt River Canyon.

Map data sources: Relief basemap from the USGS. Historical territory and state boundaries from IPUMS National Historical Geographic Information System. Small-scale datasets from Natural Earth.

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